What is Online Lottery?

There are many lotteries across the world today. Some of them are official (licensed by the country of the lottery); some offer real big jackpots.

Until recently, one had to reside, or be physically present, at the country of which lottery he or she want to play. But with the new internet age – this is not needed anymore… The fact that a real hard-copy ticket is issued when you play lottery, doesn’t mean that you must be present at the lottery booth, or in the lottery country, for buying the ticket.

Playing online allows the purchase of world lottery tickets from anywhere, any time.

Online lottery is the very same lottery people play around the world, without the need to go-out there and buy the ticket. Online lottery platforms do that tedious job for you.

More so, playing lottery online enables checking player’s status online, 24/7: their tickets, purchases, loyalty points, winnings, etc.

There are some world-leading websites that offer global lotteries online. A player must be aware of the following: